Semantic Web Adoption in the Enterprise – Survey Results and Discussion
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  John Hebeler   John Hebeler
Principal Engineer
Lockheed Martin
  Mohamed Keshk   Mohamed Keshk
Sr. Semantic Architect
Eli Lilly
    Craig Hanson
Director, New Products, Vision and architecture
    Frank Chum
Optimization Engineer
Chevron Energy Technology Company
  Yijing (Jenna) Zhou   Yijing (Jenna) Zhou
Enterprise Architect Consultant


Wednesday, June 8, 2011
03:30 PM - 04:20 PM
Level:  Practical Experience

Location:  Imperial B

The Semantic Web enters the mainstream of information technology offering adopters significant advantages and possibly risks. A recent University of Maryland study sheds light on this critical phenomenon. This presentation/panel examines the research findings and contributes perspectives as to the current enterprise approach to employing the Semantic Web and associated technologies.

The discussion examines three key dimensions of enterprise adoption; industry posture, organization profile, and technology considerations and their relationship to Semantic Web adoption. Probing these three dimensions reveals which industries and organizations are adopting Semantic technologies and why they see Semantic technologies as beneficial to their needs. The discussion also highlights the reasons why industries and corporations are holding back on adoption and what advances are needed to gain adoption revealing business opportunities. * Discover current adoption of the Semantic Web in the Enterprise across both government and commercial companies * Discover the key uses of the Semantic Web in the Enterprise * Discover current roadblocks to adoption from both a technical and business perspective * Participate in discussions as to how to advance and improve the adoption * Relate to research model predicting future adoption trends

John Hebeler, co-author of Semantic Web Programming, is an avid explorer of new technologies for the development of large-scale, distributed systems and data integration. Currently focusing on real-time data integration through semantics and cloud computing. In the last seven years, he has focused on the Semantic Web; emergent, distributed systems; and large scale data integration. He has several published papers, has co-written a P2P Networking book, is an Adjunct Professor, and presents at major technical conferences around the world. He is currently pursuing his Ph.D. in Information Systems at the University of Maryland. He is an Senior Associate for Booz Allen Hamilton

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