Discovering and Using RDF for Books at O'Reilly Media
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  Gavin Carothers   Gavin James Carothers
Semantic Solutions Developer
  Charles Greer   Charles Greer
Solutions Architect
O'Reilly Media


Wednesday, June 8, 2011
08:30 AM - 09:20 AM
Level:  Case Study

Location:  Imperial A

Today O'Reilly Media has a Linked Data, Semantic, RESTful, URI-based, highly buzz-wordy solution mostly by accident and through ruthless pragmatism. This is the story of how O'Reilly Media began using RDF, SPARQL, and other semantic technology to sell $4 million in Ebooks. From early experiments using XML and XQuery to parse RDF/XML(Don't) to the successful delivery of hundreds of thousands of ebooks.

Learn from our missteps, disasters, and Really Bad Ideas(TM). We'll also show off some of the open source tools we built that will help other folks walking down this path. You'll also learn about how easy it is to teach English majors and editors SPARQL.

Gavin Carothers has worked for Newspapers, Publishers, and Publishing Services companies. At O'Reilly Media he designed and built a semantics driven product catalogue and world class ebook delivery system using SPARQL and RDF. He currently develops an open source RDF API for Python, and a number of open source SPARQL server tools.

Charles is Solutions Architect for O'Reilly Media. He spent the last few years promoting Linked Data and REST as a data and service integration strategy for O'Reilly. Now he's concentrating on extending this strategy, to promote a transparent, worldwide method for sharing and publishing metadata and content, and to create new and reach for the publishing industry.

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