The Next Generation Consumer Business – Semantically Enabled for Real-Time Intelligence
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  Bill Guinn   Bill Guinn
CTO Product Enablers
Amdocs Product Business Unit


Tuesday, June 7, 2011
08:30 AM - 10:00 AM
Level:  Case Study
Practical Experience

Location:  Grand A

Optimizing a customer oriented business requires real time contextual customer knowledge across all business channels. Plus it should factor in relevant social and competitive forces. And this knowledge must be used to guide the outcome of each business transaction. In complex, customer-centric businesses such as Telecommunications, Health Care, and Financial Services, the business needs to understand how every action affects the profitability of the business. Systems must holistically know what’s going on in real time, determine the meaning of these activities, decide what to do, and then take the optimal action to maximize profit and customer satisfaction. The result is complete awareness of the business theater.

Such systems are proactive, predictive, personalized, and optimized for each individual customer. And they can scale to billions of activities a day. Amdocs has accomplished this objective with real-time semantic technology, capable of directly driving the largest businesses in the world. The results can be amazing, including massive cost reductions improvements in customer care, better retention, up selling, and resource utilization. Bottom line profitability is improved, top line expansion is realized. Perhaps more important, the agility to accommodate business change and to differentiate is unprecedented.

As the CTO of the Amdocs Product Enablers Business Group, Bill Guinn is one of Amdocs’ most senior technologists. He selects new technologies and builds innovative platforms for Amdocs and its service provider customers. Bill led the creation of the award winning semantic intelligent decision engine platform for Amdocs. Prior to this role, Bill was a Senior Vice president of Product Management and Architecture at DST Innovis, a provider of billing and customer care solutions to the largest broadband and satellite companies, which was acquired by Amdocs in 2005. Before joining DST, Bill held positions at Bell Labs, ITT and Digital Equipment Corp. With 20+ years of experience in the communications industry, including a focus on building large-scale OSS/BSS solutions, his expertise means he is frequently asked to comment in major industry publications such as Business Week, Forrester, CRM Magazine, and Stratecast. He also regularly briefs analysts and is asked to speak at industry event, as well as executive-level Amdocs customer events. Bill holds a master’s degree in computer sciences from University of Tennessee.

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