The Semantic Link - LIVE: a preview of SemTech
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  Paul Miller   Paul Miller
The Cloud of Data
  Ivan Herman   Ivan Herman
Semantic Web Activity Lead
World Wide Web Consortium
  Eric Hoffer   Eric Hoffer
Second Integral
  Bernadette Hyland   Bernadette Hyland
Talis, Inc
  Eric Franzon   Eric A. Franzon
Vice President of Community
  Andraz Tori   Andraz Tori
  Christine Connors   Christine Connors


Sunday, June 5, 2011
05:30 PM - 06:30 PM
Level:  Practical Experience

Location:  Imperial A

The members of the Semantic Link podcast (a monthly feature at, meet for this special live appearance, where they will be joined by special guest, SemTech Conference Chair Dave McComb. This session offers an advance survey of the conference agenda and suggests some discussions and topics to watch for over the next few days.

Paul offers analysis and consultancy at the interface between the enterprise and the web, specifically focusing on Semantic Technologies and Cloud Computing. In addition to bespoke consultancy services, Paul writes on the Semantic Web for ZDNet and on Cloud Computing for CloudAve. He regularly conducts podcast interviews with Executives from companies leading in the exploitation of the opportunities offered by these new technology trends, and chairs the monthly Semantic Web Gang podcast.

Ivan Herman graduated as a mathematician from the Eötvös Loránd University in Budapest, Hungary, in 1979. After a brief scholarship at the Université Paris VI, Mr. Herman joined the Hungarian research institute in computer science (SZTAKI), where he worked for 6 years (and turned into a computer scientist). He left Hungary in 1986, and after a few years in industry in Munich, Germany, joined the Centre for Mathematics and Computer Sciences (CWI) in Amsterdam, where he has had a tenured position since 1988. Mr. Herman received a Ph.D. in Computer Science in 1990 from the University of Leiden in the Netherlands. He joined the W3C Team as Head of W3C Offices in January 2001, while maintaining his position at CWI. He served as Head of Offices until June 2006, when he was asked to take the Semantic Web Activity Lead position, which is now his principal work at W3C. Before joining W3C, Mr. Herman worked in quite different areas (distributed and dataflow programming, language design, system programming), but he spent most of his research years in computer graphics and information visualization. He also participated in various graphics related ISO standardization activities and software developments.

Eric Hoffer is one of the founders of Second Integral, a company dedicated to researching value networks and semantic technology, and building relationships and products toward leveraging these tools in ways that make life generally better. Eric has worked in the information industry for 20 years, particularly active over the last sixteen years focusing on financial institutions' related information for use and consumption by financial institutions themselves. Prior to that, his efforts were in the consulting realm, mainly focusing on the manipulation, structuring and presentation of information – for research in the securities industry as well as for consulting, fairness opinions, research studies, and litigation support.

Bernadette manages strategy and operations for Talis‘ North American clients. She brings a strong background in commercial and government data management strategies, coupled with expertise in leading high-growth software organizations. Prior to joining Talis, Bernadette led several profitable Internet companies delivering scalable Web-based solutions to the enterprise, including Zepheira and Tucana Technologies Inc. She developed trading systems for Goldman Sachs in NY and Tokyo, and was an R&D engineer for Hewlett-Packard and IBM. Bernadette holds a BA in Computer Science and Linguistics from University of California, Los Angeles

Eric is VP of Community at Prior to that he was VP of Wilshire Conferences/Semantic Universe, where he led educational and community efforts for professionals working with enterprise data and Semantic Technologies. Since 2004, he has worked to raise awareness and explain the usage of semantic technologies in business and consumer settings. A lifelong learner and teacher, Eric is frequently called on as a consultant, coach, and trainer around complex technical topics. He is an advisory committee representative with the World Wide Web Consortium ( and has worked as an affiliate analyst with Chris Shipley's Guidewire Group.

Andraž Tori co-founded Zemanta in 2007 where he serves as a CTO. He architected Zemanta's semantic-based analysis & discovery engine. Prior to that he hosted TV show on information technologies at Slovenian national television (2002-2007). There he noticed the opportunity for authoring tools that understand text content. He also co-founded and was a program manager of the most successful Slovenian cyber-center Kiberpipa (2001-2007). Andraz has been programming since he was 10 and has a formal computer science background. However his diverse interests also drove him to acquire non-tech skills. His mission is to take state of the art tech and hide it behind simplest possible user interface.

Ms. Connors has extensive experience in taxonomy, ontology and metadata design and development. Prior to forming TriviumRLG Ms. Connors was the global director, semantic technology solutions for Dow Jones, responsible for partnering with business champions across Dow Jones to improve digital asset management and delivery. In that position, she managed a worldwide team responsible for the development of taxonomies, ontologies and metadata that are used to add value to Dow Jones news and financial information products. Ms. Connors also served as business champion for the Synaptica® software application, including managing a US-based team of software developers, and supported Dow Jones consulting practices worldwide, which deliver end-to-end information access solutions based on taxonomies, metadata and semantic technologies. Prior to joining Dow Jones Ms. Connors was a knowledge architect at Intuit, where she was responsible for introducing semantic technologies to online content management and search. And before that, she was a metadata architect at Raytheon Company and Cybrarian at CEOExpress Company. At Raytheon Company she oversaw knowledge representation and enterprise search, delivering large-scale taxonomies, metadata schema and rules-based classification to improve retrieval of internal information via a multi-vendor retrieval platform.

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